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In the latest blog post Feverish Reloaded we discuss our improved fever detection algorithm and compare the case counts to the fever detections.
The Corona Data Donation project now features a live Fever Monitor. The monitor depicts the fever detection curves for each of the federal states in Germany and the aggregated measurements for the entire country. These curves are computed and updated every day in the monitor. Trends are also quantified.


At the beginning of April 2020, we launched the official Corona Data Donation App. Since then, 529.281 (!!) German inhabitants have decided to donate their data. For that, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude! There has never before been a research project of this magnitide involving the collaborative efforts of both citizens and scientists. It is really quite unique.

Some of you may be asking yourselves questions about the purpose of this project and the expected scientific results. What are we doing with your data donations and how will this help us better understand the current COVID-19 pandemic in Germany?

On this site, we would like to give you, the donor, a glimse into the scientific process by sharing our findings as we uncover them. To acheive this transparancy, we will regularly post updates detailing the methodological approaches and interim results of our analyses. We will do our best to clarify the motivation behind each stage in order to include everyone in this journey of scientific exploration as we work towards creating a Fever Map for Germany using vital signals collected by wearable health and fitness tracking devices and donated by you.

This goal of this map is to detect regions in which the number of residents exhibiting fever symptoms is higher than average. By updating the map on a daily and municipality-level basis, we aim to identify so-called “hot spots” of COVID-19 as they emerge. To learn more about how we intend to do this, please see our post How does it work?.